Free Hardcore Mode Now Available for The Callisto Protocol

If you’re one of the few, who thought Striking Distances’ sci-fi Horror Surivial game, The Callisto Protocol, was perhaps too easy, you’ll be thrilled to know that a Hardcore Mode is both free and currently available for everyone.

Here’s everything you can expect with the new Hardcore Mode:

  • Ammo, health and credits are harder to come by and not every Biophage will drop loot.
  • Increased enemy damage
  • Decreased Stun Baton damage
  • Increased enemy mutation speed
  • Contraband value is reduced
  • Hardcore Mode New Game+ (requires completion of standard Hardcore Mode playthrough)
  • New Achievements / Trophies to hunt

In addition, this update also has introduced some performance changes for the PC version and has fixed the bugged “The Protocol is About Life” achievement.


  • Players that were not correctly granted the “The Protocol is About Life” achievement upon completing the game will be automatically granted the achievement
  • Localization fixes for leveling and VO/subtitle mismatches
  • Optimized enemy combat AI when player is surrounded by multiple enemies
  • The Outer Way Skin Collection is available for season pass owners.

Steam Deck

  • Updated font rendering and UI elements for readability
  • Created a rendering functionality profile specifically for Steam Deck with the best settings for smooth gameplay
  • Updated control schemes for SteamDeck controls

PC Specific

  • Ray Tracing performance improvements

Now that I’m finished with Dead Space Remake, perhaps it’s time to dive into this gem. I had heard off due to the performance issues, but it seems those have been fixed. I love a good horror survival game, and seeing how the co-created of Dead Space is behind this game, it should be a worthwhile experience.

The Callisto Protocol is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.