Conrad vs. Digerati – The Outbound Ghost Problem

For those who haven’t followed the story, the developer of the 2.5D Paper Mario-like title, The Outbound Ghost, Conrad Grindheim Borrell, has been going back and forth with the publisher, Digerati, for some time.

There’s a lot to take in, which Getselious and Sithscott discuss, however, the long end of it is that Digerati had breached its contract, released a game full of bugs, the failure to pay Conrad, and various other issues, which has caused Conrad’s studio, Conradical Games, to issue a DMCA takedown request.

One result of this falling out is that the game is no longer available on Steam, so unless you redeemed your Kickstarter keys or already purchased the game, it is no longer available as the Steam page has been removed. It is, however, still available for the Switch.

Getselious and Sithscott look at the unfortunate fallout between the developer and publisher of the Outbound Ghost and take a stab at understanding between the lines of the legal speak.