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11 things to know before starting Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is the newest EA and Koei Tecmo hunting title that will have players traversing through the world of Azuma, taking down Kemono’s, and you’ll be spending quite a bit of time doing that. There’s a lot to do in this game, between crafting weapons, learning how to use the items that will keep you alive, and more.

With the game being released on February 13th, 2023, via early access, and the full game being released on February 17th, 2023, we’ve listed some tips in this Wild Hearts guide that we wish we had known before getting started in this amazing hunting title that is sure to give Monster Hunter World, and Monster Hunter Rise, some serious competition.

Pick up everything

While you’re out in the world, hunting Kemono, you’ll want to also pick up every item on the ground. It doesn’t matter if you think you’ll need it or not, just pick it up. These items can be used in crafting armor, weapons, and other valuable items. This also includes the healing items. It’s all out there for the picking, just don’t miss them.

You can eat in the open world

Unlike Capcom’s Monster Hunter titles, in Wild Hearts, you can eat despite leaving your camp or central story hub. The only time you can’t eat is when you’re engaged with a Kemono. Another big thing about food in Wild Hearts is that the buffs persist through death. Isn’t that great?

Wild Hearts - Eating in open world

You don’t use healing potions in Wild Hearts

Another stark difference with Wild Hearts is that you’ll find your main healing item out in the world; Healing Water. This stuff is found all over the world, and it’s rare that you won’t come across this, even in a battle. Use it often.

You can only have access to one armor set at a time

Sadly, unlike some other hunting titles, in Wild Hearts, you can only craft one armor set at a time. Meaning, that you’ll need to constantly make new pieces of gear whenever you need to add some extra defense and resilience. The upside is that you can reset the armor for some gold and get your materials back. The downside is that you’ll often visit the forge to craft new items.

You can only have access to one specific weapon type at a time

Just like the armor sets, you can only access one specific weapon type at a time, but you can have multiple weapons. Meaning, you can build yourself a bow, maul, or whatever you want., with any path. So, build as many weapons as you want, but remember if you want to reset it to go a different path, you’ll have to pay to do so.

Make use of the Cyclopedia

The Cyclopedia will contain everything you need to know about the Kemomo, so make sure you use it often. Weak points, which parts will give you the items you need, as well as what they are weak and strong against.

Wild Heats - Cyclopedia

Build as many camps as you want

Wild Hearts has a useful feature that lets you build camps all over the world of Azuma. This gives you the ability to travel all across the map, and is useful when traveling during battle, instead of walking.

Utilize the Karakuri often

The Karakuri is Koei Tecmo’s solution to providing access to alternative means of offensive, defense, and support items while taking on Kemono or just traveling. It isn’t some novelty item that was placed in the game. Make use of the item, and how to quickly activate them, as it can be the difference between life and death.

Upgrade your Tsukumo

While Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise have Felynes that will accompany you in the battle, Wild Hearts has Tsukumo. They are a form of Karakuri, but they are autonomous. They will attack for you, attempt to pull aggro from Kemonos during fights, supply you with thread, and will even heal you. You’ll find Tsukumo scattered across Azuma, and the more you find, the more you can use to upgrade your primary Tsukumo.

Wild Hearts Tsukumo Guide1

Be sure to save often

Wild Hearts will only save your progress at specific points. It’s not like a game like Dark Souls which will constantly save the game for you. You’ll have to save the game manually, or you’ll run the risk of losing progress. Trust us; we’ve found this out firsthand. Save often!

You can pause the game!!!!!

This one is huge, as we’ve all had a moment where real life requires us to stop playing a game, for one reason or another. That isn’t a problem in Wild Hearts, as you can pause the game whenever you’re playing solo. All you have to do is hit the start button (controller-depending) and then select pause. The screen change indicates the game will go into a paused state. That’s it! I wish more games did this.

While you’re checking out these helpful tips, be sure to check out our preview of Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts will be released on February 13th via early access, with the full game releasing on February 17th, 2023, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (EA’s App, Steam, and Epic Game Store).