The Last Of Us Season 2

The Last Of Us Season 2 Confirmed By Naughty Dog

When a video game adaptation is said to be coming, many people fear what it may look like, sound like, and be like in terms of its accuracy. But with a certain series from Naughty Dog, its adaptation was so good in just two episodes time that it got renewed! That’s right, The Last Of Us Season 2 is coming, and that will raise all sorts of questions as we make the slow march through Season 1.

Specifically, there’s the question of whether Season 1 will feature the entire story. Thankfully, the showrunners have confirmed this to be the case. By the end of Season 1, we’ll be at the end of the first game. But that means The Last Of Us Season 2 will be about the sequel game, and that’s going to raise…problems within the fanbase. Why? Because the sequel wasn’t as popular as the first for various reasons, and so despite critical praise of the title, many are likely hoping the second season of the TV series won’t follow the story of the game in full. Or at the very least, flesh it out better to make certain plotpoints stick.

In the meantime, enjoy season 1 on HBO and HBO Max. Episode 3 arrives on Sunday.