Spectator Mode Podcast Episode 127

The Spectator Mode podcast crew discusses the Dead Space remake, while Kyle seems to be a fan of the PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge controller. We can’t forget the amazing job that Xbox and its developers did with the Xbox Developer’s Direct and the Hi-Fi Rush shadow drop. Following up, Scott tries to convince Keith to check out Fire Emblem Engage. That and more on Spectator Mode Podcast episode 127.

As an added surprise, we’re also returning to a video format. Check out our latest episode on YouTube below.

*Forspoken provided by Square Enix
*Dead Space provided by EA
*Hi-Fi Rush provided by Bethesda


00:00 intros
00:39 We are not talking about Forspoken
01:23 Dead Space Remake is so good
08:47 DualSense Edge mini-review
15:19 Xbox’s Developer Direct
30:53 Maximilian Dood’s Top Greatest Fighting Games of All Time second opinions
41:18 Kyle reminisces over Primal Rage
42:15 Scott sells Keith on Fire Emblem Engage
54:52 We go off the rails
59:48 Outro

Forspoken written review

Maximilian Dood’s Top Greatest Fighting Games of All Time Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRqpBsAC0zM

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