RWBY Season 9

RWBY Season 9 Gets Official Trailer and Moves To Crunchyroll!

For many fans of the series, RWBY Season 9 has almost become a “myth.” Season 8 ended quite a while ago, and we knew that Season 9 would arrive, but then various things worked against Rooster Teeth to get the season done, and get it done properly. We’ve only had small teases and glimpses into what it would be, which only frustrated fans further given the dramatic Season 8 ending that seemingly “killed” the four main characters. But thankfully, after a long time waiting, we have many pieces of news about the ninth season of the beloved show. The first one being that it’s coming out on February 18th!

That’s right, we only have to wait a few more weeks before it debuts, and the first official trailer highlights the “wonderland” that Team RWBY will be in, and it will test them mightily:

As if that’s not enough of a “change” from seasons past, RWBY Season 9 will also be the first not to debut on Rooster Teeth’s official site. Because due to the expanded love for the franchise, Rooster Teeth has made the decision to release the show on Crunchyroll!

It’ll be curious to see how the show does on the new platform. But if nothing else, we know it’s coming out, and that’s enough…for now.