Octopath Traveler II Review

Octopath Traveler II Gets Third Character Trailer!

Are you excited for Octopath Traveler II? The game arrives on multiple platforms next month, and the hype for it is building nicely. Fans are enjoying the looks into the title, specifically the characters that we’ll be playing as. So far, we’ve seen two character trailers that detailed the merchant, scholar, thief, and cleric. But now, a third trailer has emerged, and through it we learn about Ochette the Hunter and Castti the Apothecary. Both characters have their own unique tales to tell, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them.

Ochette is on a quest to save her island from a dark event known as the “Night of the Scarlet Moon.” Meanwhile, Castti has lost her memory, and seeks to find out who she really is, and what kind of healer she was before she lost who she was. Both ladies have unique abilities to use in and out of battle, and you can see them all in the trailer below:

Octopath Traveler II arrives on February 24th.