Wild Hearts - Golden Tempest_1280x720

New Wild Hearts Gameplay Video Showcases the Golden Tempest Kemono in Action

In this Wild Hearts gameplay video from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, we get to see a group of hunters as they battle the Golden Tempest Kemono, a giant nature-infused tiger that wields golden wind to protect its territory.  During this gameplay, we also get to see an assortment of weapons utilized, including swords and ranged weapons, as the hunters attempt to take down this beast. There’s also plenty of usage of the Karakuri crafting system, which is an ancient technology that allows players to utilize it in offensive, defensive, and support means.

Wild Hearts seemingly is Koei Tecmo’s answer to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. While it shares some similarities, the developers have assured us that Wild Hearts isn’t a 1:1 copy of Monster Hunter. Regardless, the gameplay seems impressive, and if it’s as good as Monster Hunter, then I’ll be hooked.

Wild Hearts will be available on February 17, 2023, for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (EA App, Steam, Epic Game Store).