Kaina of the Great Snow Sea Original Soundtrack to New Anime Series Releases

Milan Records today announces the release of KAINA OF THE GREAT SNOW SEA (ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK), an album of music from the newly-debuted anime series about a boy and girl on a mission to save the world. Available everywhere now, the album features music by acclaimed composers Hiroyuki Sawano, KOHTA YAMAMOTO, and Misaki Umase. Included within the soundtrack is the series’ main theme by Hiroyuki Sawano entitled “KAINA,” which appears alongside three additional variations of the theme contributed by the award-winning composer. Meanwhile composers KOHTA YAMAMOTO and Misaki Umase have composed the bulk of the series’ instrumental music, each providing their own compositions to round out the 44-track collection. With an original story created by manga artist Tsutomu NiheiKaina of the Great Snow Sea debuts new episodes every Wednesday at 1:25pm ET / 10:25am PT on Crunchyroll.

Of his main theme, composer Hiroyuki Sawano says, “I feel honored to be in charge of the main theme for this magnificent work. In the many fantasy works I have seen, I have often been drawn into the world and the story by the music. That is why I worked alongside KOHTA YAMAMOTO and Misaki Umase to create the music of Kaina, in the hopes that listeners would feel the same way. We hope you enjoy the music alongside the beautiful story.”

Composer KOHTA YAMAMOTO adds, “It was a very fun and fulfilling time to create music while imagining the magnificent world of Kaina of the Great Snow Sea. I hope you will enjoy this soundtrack along with the series’ beautiful visuals.” Echoing this sentiment, composer Misaki Umase adds, “I am so happy to have worked with Hiroyuki Sawano and KOHTA YAMAMOTO on this music. The fantastic world of The Snow Sea and Tenmaku was expressed using multiple recordings of a chorus and various ethnic instruments. We hope you enjoy the music as well as the series.”

Source: Press Release