Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special

Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special Gets Insane Trailer

Look, if you’ve watched the Harley Quinn series on HBO Max, you know EXACTLY how nuts it is. If you need a refresher, read our review of Season 3, it was crazy. But if you’re looking for more as we wait for the thankfully confirmed Season 4, you’re in luck. Because just a few days before V-Day will be the Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special. Oh, and we didn’t just get its release date announcement. We got the first trailer for the special…and it’s just as chaotic as the lovely couple it stars.

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day in Gotham (and as the trailer shows, it’s canonically set after Season 3), and Harley wants to do her best for Ivy on this “mushy holiday.” But since it’s Harley, nothing can ever be lowkey or simple, and things go both horribly wrong and horribly right.

Get your first glimpse at it below!

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special premieres February 9, only on @HBOMax.