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Cobra Kai To End Series With Season 6

In the entertainment world we live in, hearing about remakes, reboots, and sequel series is inevitable. Hollywood doesn’t seek for originality as much as it used to, and that at times leads to…less than quality rehashes of what came before. When Cobra Kai was first announced for the now-defunct YouTube Red, many felt it would be along those same lines. But oh, were we wrong! It was great! And when it went to Netflix for Season 3, more people than ever got to see it. With each season, its legend grew. But all legends need an endgame.

The people behind the series have said for a while now that they had an endgame in mind, and they’d take the show as far as they would be allowed. But today, it was announced that Cobra Kai Season 6 would be the final season. A small teaser for it can be seen below:

If you recall, Season 5 had Danny and Johnny teaming up to take down Terry Silver. But it also setup a global martial arts tournament that their combined dojo gained access into. There’s also John Kreese, who escaped from jail, so there are many threads that still need to be tied up.

The “Coming Soon” text at the end implies that we’ll be seeing the final season this year, so stay tuned. And if you haven’t yet, check out our review of Season 5!