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Arkane’s Vampire Slaying Title Redfall Gets a May 2023 Release Date

Bethesda’s upcoming vampire shooter Redfall now has a release date of May 2nd, 2023, after being delayed from its 2022 release, during the Xbox Developer’s Direct. Redfall and Starfield were both delayed by Bethesda on May 12, 2022.

During the Developer’s Direct, we also got to see a nice amount of gameplay footage, 10 minutes of it. That’s double what we’ve seen since the last Xbox and Bethesda showcase that took place last year.

During this footage, we looked at the lighthouse story mission, as Arkane took us through a firefight with a group of vampires called the shroud, which has the ability to shift through floors, making them a handful.

Following in the steps of several classic co-op titles, such as Left 4 Dead, Redfall will allow up to four players to take on the vampires that have taken over the town of Redfall, and liberate it. Players will be able to get customized with the colorful bunch of vampire slayers, each with their own unique abilities, skill trees, and backstories.

With a release date, we can all start counting down the days until we can get a taste of what Arkane has in store. The last co-op game that attempted to fill Left 4 Dead’s shoes didn’t fair so well. So I’m hoping that Arkane’s attempt will do much better, and maybe even become the gold standard for co-op experiences.

Redfall launches on May 2nd, 2023, for the Xbox Series X|S, PC, and will be available on Xbox Game Passa once it releases.