MapleStory M’s EXPLORER REMASTER has Launched

Hot on the heels of its announcement at last month’s MapleStory Fest, MapleStory M, the free-to-play mobile MMORPG for iOS and Android, has remastered the Explorer classes with new skills, animations, and quest lines. In addition, MapleStory M has revamped the rate of experience (EXP) gained by finishing quests and also made improvements to EXP acquired from clearing missions in order to help players grow characters more quickly than ever before!

MapleStory M

With this week’s update, the following EXPLORER classes will receive stunning new visual updates and fidelity improvements to skills, animation effects, and quest lines for Warrior, Magician, Thief, Archer, and Pirate, bringing them in-line with other updated character classes in MapleStory M.

On top of these improvements, MapleStory M has made this holiday season even more rewarding with a flurry of new events to help grow your Explorers even faster:

Holiday Events – December 14 after maintenance to January 10, 2023

Help a busy Mr. Kim prepare for the holidays! All mobile Maplers can earn various reward items during this event by playing holiday themed mini games:

  • Kim’s Gift: Receive a holiday present from a grateful Mr. Kim when visiting him during the event period.
  • Holiday Toy Crafter: An event where players can acquire a Toy Monster Box while hunting which can summon monsters; summoned monsters drop toy pieces that can be gathered and used as an ingredient to buff items.
  • Search for the Strongest Rudolph: In an event similar to Hotel Maple Infinity Pool, players can earn rewards based on the distance the selected Rudolph gets.
  • Giant Snowman Invasion: Feel like hunting a Giant Snowman? He’s invaded Happy Town! Gather a party and take him on to receive seasonal coin rewards.
  • Holiday Jukebox Event: Based on the missions you complete, get rewarded with a cosmetic chair item that plays MapleStory M background music when seated.
  • Cookie Baking: In the mood to bake? Copy the look of cookies and get rewards!

Beginner Explorer & Thrillseeker Level Up Events – December 14 after maintenance to January 10, 2023

  • All Explorer classes (except Pathfinder) can earn rewards when achieving certain level milestones or leveling up.
    • Beginner Explorer Level Up Event: Available for Explorers level 160 or lower, rewards achievable when reaching a certain level.
    • Thrillseeker Level Up Event: Available for Explorers level 161 to level 199, rewards achievable when leveling up 2 levels.

Explorer Remaster On-time Event – December 14 after maintenance to December 21

  • Extra Character Slot Coupon, Auto-battle Charge Ticket, Whetstone, and Pet Box reward package available upon logging in.

All Jobs 200 Level Up Event – December 14 after maintenance to January 10, 2023

  • Logging into the game with a character over level 200 grants you rewards!

Mega Burning Plus Event – December 14 after maintenance to January 10, 2023

  • Registered characters may earn additional 2 levels every time their character levels up until level 140 during the event period.

Source: Press Release