Manga Review: Mieruko-chan Vol. 6 Review

Mieruko-chanTitle: Mieruko-chan Vol. 6
Author: Tomoki Izumi
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 162
Genre: Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Horror
Publication Date: November 22, 2022

The Story

The sixth volume of Mieruko-chan continues our journey to the shrine with Miko, Rom, and Mitsue. As they get closer, the ghosts begin to close in. It takes a lot of warding tricks to slip past them but they eventually make it through the barrier and into the shrine. Here, there’s an argument as to handle the situation. With Miko’s three saves up, it’s time for her to pay the price for her wish.

They decide to use Miko as bait to lure out the “God of the Mountain.” From there, Rom and Mitsue will find a way into the barrier and chip away at the God’s power until it is defeated. Things go smoothly at first but the situation turns dire. In the end, they find a solution but the problem is far from solved… especially with the last page revealing a major twist!

The Characters

While the story was pretty straightforward, we did get some nice intermissions in the form of flashbacks. These flashbacks explained Rom’s origins and how he and Mitsue came to know one another. In addition, we also learn how Rom has advanced knowledge of the shrine… slight spoilers… this journey is not his first time there. We also learn that underneath his eccentric attitude, he truly is very powerful and knows a LOT more than he lets on. What isn’t explained, though, was how he went from a very monotone and apathetic kid to such an outgoing adult. Funny how they left that part out. Perhaps more to come later?

Through these flashbacks, we also learned about Mitsue’s beginnings, who her master was, and how she even received the title of Godmother. So while the story itself was pretty much to the point, the flashbacks gave us a lot to unpack about our characters.

Final Thoughts

Reaching the shrine seems like the end goal of solving the mystery behind Miko’s protectors and while everything looked to be wrapping up, that final page showed us that we have a lot more left to go! Without giving too much away, the shrine has something to do with a bell and while it wasn’t directly explained or stated, it becomes REALLY clear what happens if you touch the bell. Rom had his reasons for going to the shrine and seemed to know exactly what would happen. Mitsue did, too, but neither of them said anything about in detail. Instead, the reader discovers it on their own through the final page. Everything became really clear at that moment and because of such, it opened the door deeper into this mystery about the shrine and even the ghosts themselves.

Is this all just destiny for those who can see them? Is Mitsue trying to stir Miko away from that destiny? There’s a lot left to be answered and even with the major reveal, I doubt we are going to get the full answer… or maybe we will? My big concern is if the answer is revealed, where does the series go from there? That’s why I don’t think we’ll get it but we will see the end of the shrine arc and whatever may come from it. It has me hyped to check out Vol. 7!

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This item was provided for review by Yen Press