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Is Tears of the Kingdom Getting A Special Nintendo Switch OLED?

There are MANY people who are waiting eagerly for Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The sequel to the Game of the Year from 2017 has been on people’s minds since its original announcement in 2019. We’ve only gotten a few teasers and trailers for the game since then, and so any information about the game is welcome in the minds of gamers. But what if that news is the rumor about how much more money you’re going to sink into the game?

We say that because a rumor is going around that features a Nintendo Switch OLED decorated in the style of Tears of the Kingdom. You can see specific details that match up with what we’ve seen from the game, including the green patterns that have appeared on Link’s arm, the logo for the game, and more.

You can see the leaked images below:


It wouldn’t be a surprise for Nintendo to do this because they want to build up hype and sales for the game when it releases in May 2023. But until the official announcement, please consider this Tears of the Kingdom OLED Switch a rumor and nothing but.