Logitech G FITS Earbuds Review

Logitech G FITS Earbuds Review – True Wireless Gaming

If you’re looking for a new pair of earbuds, allow me to introduce to you the Logitech G FITS earbuds! Unless you’re on a budget or exclusively own an Xbox. Then you might need to keep looking. If those two things don’t apply to you, then I say to you, look no further!

Setting up The Logitech G FITS

Setting up my G FITS Earbuds was an incredibly easy experience. Using my phone, I simply set the earbuds into their carrying case. Then, once my phone recognized the earbugs, that was it, and I inserted them in my ears. At the app’s request, I wiggled them around until I could “feel the bass” of the tune the app played on repeat. Finally, all I had to do was hold them in place for around a minute while they molded to the shape of my ear.

This last step was an interesting one indeed. As I held them in place, the app urged me to remain calm and relaxed. An upbeat tune began to play, and the earbuds started to warm up. Using the heat from an RGB light, the earbuds mold themselves to the shape of your ear. I didn’t know that at the time, and if it weren’t for the app, I’d probably have panicked during this process. Thankfully, it never exceeded a slight warming sensation, and the earbuds molded in no time.

Logitech G FITS Earbuds from Logitech
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I Used These Earbuds for Everything

For this review, I made sure to put them to the test. I gamed with them, recorded an episode of Spectator Mode, made phone calls, listened to music, etc. You name it, I probably did it, and I’m happy to talk about how great these earbuds are.

To put it simply, I don’t use earbuds for gaming, and I barely use my headsets unless I’m chatting it up at a party. Suffice it to say, however, that I was more than happy to keep plugging in the Lightspeed USB stick to play games like Harvestella, Horizon Forbidden West, and most importantly, God of War Ragnarok. The sound quality I got out of my earbuds was always fantastic, and I never felt like I had to readjust them as I do constantly with other earbuds.

There’s also the ability to switch between several equalizer presets using the Logitech G FITS App; G Signature, Bass Boost, FPS, MOBA/RPG, and Spoken Word. Should you not like those, you can adjust the equalizer preset to your liking.

The G FITS are compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, and mobile devices. Xbox is not compatible, sadly. However, I did try to use them while playing Gotham Knights on my Xbox before I properly read the box the G FITS came in. Another issue I had was with the Switch. Insert something about being a guy and not reading the instructions.

While docked, the Switch worked perfectly fine with the Lightspeed USB stick and sounded great. Off the dock, however, they did not work, despite the Switch picking up the USB stick. The USB stick would light up to signify a solid connection to my earbuds, yet no sound would come through.

Logitech G FITS Earbuds from Logitech

Battery Life

While using the Lightspeed USB connection (signified by the USB stick lighting up), the earbuds will last you about 7 to 8 hours. If you’re strictly using Bluetooth, you can get about 9 or 10 hours out of them. Those numbers may feel a little low, but it’s worth mentioning that the dock the G FITS comes with will also charge your earbuds. Keeping them inside of their dock when not in use extends the life of the buds far beyond the numbers mentioned above.

Another thing worth noting is that the dock also holds a decent charge as well. If you’re ever curious about how much juice your earbuds and dock have left, you can check it using the Logitech G FITS app. Since I’ve had my earbuds, I’ve only charged the dock twice. That’s not counting when I plugged the dock in during setup, which helped my phone detect it initially.

Last Words About the Logitech G FITS Earbuds

One fantastic feature of the earbuds is that they’re customizable. By tapping on the earbuds while they’re in use, they can perform different things. For instance, to switch between Bluetooth and the Lightspeed USB connection, you tap an earbud three times. Using the phone and PC apps, you can customize the sound quality and tap functions. It’s a welcome feature to have when you’re using it for different things simultaneously.

My biggest complaint about the earbuds is that they do not work with the Xbox. So, if you’re an Xbox owner, these earbuds are not for you. Another thing I heard from others during my review was that the earbuds had loosened over time. That is something that has yet to happen to me, but if it does, the app does allow you to refit the earbuds.

Logitech G FITS Earbuds from Logitech

Logitech G FITS Earbuds – Are They Worth It?

Otherwise, the Logitech G FITS are a wonderful piece of technology. While Logitech may be focused on the gaming market, the microphone, and wonderful sound quality, make them accessible to everyone. The Lightform fitting process also seals up your ear canal nicely, creating a more natural noise-canceling experience.

If you’re someone in need of earbuds and don’t have a budget, then I absolutely recommend these earbuds, and they’re available now. The only downside is that they’re expensive, with a price tag of $229 USD. While there are definitely more expensive earbuds out there, there’s no arguing that it’s still a hefty price to pay. Unless you only own an Xbox and a Switch Lite. Then maybe not so much.

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