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No, The Division 2 doesn’t support cross-play

One of Ubisoft’s biggest games, The Division 2, seems like it would be perfect for cross-play between the console and PC versions, and yet it isn’t a thing. Sadly, I know plenty of people that constantly asking if cross-play is supported, to which I have to inform them it isn’t. So, let me just put this out there for everyone who keeps asking.

Originally, The Division 2 did support cross-play, but it was only between the PC and Google Stadia versions. And in case you missed it, Stadia has since been retired, which means there’s zero cross-play support for the game. Xbox gamers can only play with others on the Xbox, PlayStation gamers can only play with PlayStation gamers, while PC gamers are still stuck to playing with other PC gamers. It’s a sad situation and one that I wish Ubisoft would address.

The Division 2’s biggest draw is having players take the role of agents attempting to take the battle to the baddies in New York. It’s a fun game that, sadly, I feel is held back by its player pool. Having agents fragmented or stuck on several different platforms instead of being able to do battle together kind of puts a damper on that. Cross-player support that would allow you to play with your friends on other platforms would do wonders for that.

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However, this might never happen. When The Division 2 was designed, cross-play still wasn’t a thing. Sure, we eventually saw cross-play rise thanks to games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Rocket League. But even then, there was massive pushback (I’m looking at you, PlayStation). While we’re lucky enough to have various games that support cross-play, games released prior to this are still stuck with their backward ways. As for developers going back and implementing cross-play, that’s a massive task that may not be worth the time and resources. Many fantastic games that would likely do better with cross-play have been and will probably be ignored on that front.

So while I think The Division 2 isn’t going to be crossing the streams anytime soon, or if ever, I hope that Ubisoft keeps this in mind for its upcoming titles such as The Division: Heartland. For a game that pits players against others and the computer, cross-play support sounds like the shoe in. Or, at least to me, it does.