Spider-Man PC to PSN Integration

Spider-Man Remastered PC to PlayStation Network Integration is Now Possible

When Spider-Man Remastered was announced and eventually released for the PC, one of the biggest questions was, “Will the game get PSN integration.”

Well, it turns out that PlayStation and Insomniac Games have been working on that and have unveiled that the title does have PC PSN integration as of today. To gain access to this new function, you’ll need to update your Spider-Man Remastered PC copy with the released v1.1006.0.0 patch — which Steam will do for you automatically.

As Insomniac Games points out, this is entirely optional, but at the same time, you’ll be rewarded access to the Resilient Suit and Concussive Blast Gadget, and you’ll be granted two skill points if do link the accounts. Still, this isn’t the biggest thing here. The fact that you can link your account to the PlayStation Network is essential for upcoming PlayStation titles that will make their way to the PC.

We could see older PlayStation titles that have already landed on the PC possibly get this ability, such as God of War, Days Gone, or Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as upcoming titles such as the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection, and Returnal (that PlayStation doesn’t want us to know about yet).

This, my friends, is what you call progression, and given that PlayStation has stayed on the path with its commitment to bringing its catalog of games to the PC. Not to mention that we’ll see PlayStation’s live service/games as a service launching on the PlayStation 4/5 and PC at the same time. PlayStation Network connectivity between the two platforms will be a requirement.

Let’s see if what plays out in the upcoming PlayStation-to-PC gaming future.