Wild Hearts Kingtusk

New Wild Hearts Gameplay Showcases the Massive Kingtusk Battle

Last week, EA Origins and Koei Tecmo shocked the gaming world with the reveal of Wild Hearts, a game that could be summarised as Monster Hunter meets Toukiden. Today, the pair released seven minutes of gameplay, showcasing a battle against the Kingtusk, a massive hog-like creature that looks like a blast to face off against.

This extended gameplay footage shows players attempting to take on the mighty Kingtusk alone and then with co-op partners. It’s worth mentioning that it looks as if anyone can join in sessions already taking place instead of being required to be part of the party before the session starts.

The trailer provides a better look at Karakuri, sophisticated mechanisms players craft to traverse the world and battle Kemono, demonstrating Wild Heart’s flexible and creative hunting grounds. Most of the gameplay takes place in the flowery terrain of Hanagasumi Hills, a Spring setting, and one of Wild Hearts hunting grounds, each represented by a different season.

If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter and taking down creatures in Feudal Japan sounds like something that might interest you, keep your eyes on Wild Hearts. I know I sure am.

Wild Hearts will be released on February 17, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam / EGS), with an extended look of the game coming on October 5, 2022.