Street Fighter 6 Ken - Win Pose

Street Fighter 6 Ken Gameplay from TGS 2022

Now that the 2022 Tokyo Game Show has concluded, we’re still going through our thoughts and coverage of the event. However, one of my favorite reveals had to be from Street Fighter 6’s official reveal of Ken Masters.

I already discussed that here; however, we also received some gameplay from the event. Ken has been my main character ever since Street Fighter 2.

While only a select few were able to play as Ken, Capcom did release some gameplay of Ken fighting various other CPU-controlled opponents. After watching the footage, I’m excited to get my hands on Ken, which won’t be very long since the Street Fighter 6 beta is taking place soon.

He’s like the Ken I remember but has a bunch of kicks, and his Shoryureppa is much nastier, with him ending the super move by slamming his opponent to the ground. All while telling them to sit down and shut up. It reminds me of SNK’s Terry Bogard’s power dunk move.

Anyway, enjoy some footage of Ken as recorded during TGS 2022.


Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to be released in 2023. However, a release date has not been finalized as of yet.