VShojo Unveils Newest Members KSON and Nazuna Amemiya

The newest members of Vshojo are the famed boss delinquent and amnesiac, heterochromia angel, Souchou KSON and Nazuna Amemiya.

You can now see on the official site both additions of KSON and Nazuna Amemiya. VShojo has also released the Lore video for KSON’s introduction. It is full of references and details for eagle-eyed fans.

What also is shown is that these two members also show the official unveiling of the VShojo Japan Branch. It was hinted with the recent advertisements that were popping up in Japan and recent collaborations videos from the members like Silvervale and IronMouse.

KSON was an indie Vtuber that has been tearing up the scene and is famous as one of the top indies in Japan due to her unchained nature and transparency of both Vtuber and real-life appearance.  She is known for a variety of streams like assembling Gunpla, Meme Reviews, and also a great Cosplayer.  She made her appearance live at Anime Expo to show off the reveal and in cosplay. She was squatting on stage and being the badass delinquent she is. A banchou with a heart of gold.

Nazuna Amemiya we know little about. In KSON’s lore video, we see her fainted on the road before KSON nearly ran her over. We have seen her before as she did appear in a frame in Zentreya’s redebut lore video. All we know is that she is looking for her memory. As for what it is, it may be revealed on July 16th as both Nazuna and KSOn are scheduled to re-debut officially. You can see the overview of the two on VShojo’s Twitter page.

And there is new art on KSON’s Twitter to commemorate the joining of VShojo with Nazuna.

Good Morning Mother Fuckers! KSON and Nazuna have arrived here with VShojo.