The Callisto Protocol Collector's edition statue

The Callisto Protocol Collector’s Edition Statue is Gorgeous

Last week, The Callisto Protocol Collector’s Edition went up for pre-order, exclusively at Gamestop.

Included in the CE is a statue that features the protagonist of the game, Jacob, as he faces off against one of the grotesque Biophage. It’s a must-have for fans of the title, and seeing that I’m a huge fan of the game (and Dead Space), I made my way to Gamestop to get my pre-order in.

However, Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol, recently showed off the statue on Twitter. It’s the first time we’ve seen it outside the CE picture, and it looks much better.

The Callisto Protocol Collector's edition statue-03 The Callisto Protocol Collector's edition statue-02 The Callisto Protocol Collector's edition statue-01

Glen also mentioned that The Callisto Protocol CE statue isn’t fragile, as it’s made of heavy polysteel. That’s a big difference when many other statues included in various collector’s editions are usually made up of PVC.

If you’re interested in getting your own statue, it looks that Gamestop still has plenty of The Callisto Protocol Collector’s Editions available for pre-order. However, keep in mind that this CE is a bit costly, priced at $249.99.


Of course, there’s more than just a statue that’s included;

  • The Callisto Protocol game
  • Retro Prisoner Skins, including one character skin and two weapon skins
  • Contraband Pack (PlayStation Exclusive)
  • 48-hour Advanced Access to Story DLC (PlayStation Exclusive)
  • Season Pass
  • Jacob Statue, which features protagonist Jacob Lee fighting a Biophage
  • Steelbook Case
  • TCP Comic #0 Edition
  • Collectible Pins, including an Outer Way and UJC enamel design

The Callisto Protocol is in development by Striking Distance Studios, and will be heading to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, on December 2nd, 2022.