Manga Review: Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Vol. 2

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be InvisibleTitle: Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Vol. 2
Author: Nene Yukimori
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Genre: Slice-of-Life, Romance, Comedy
Publication Date: July 5, 2022

The Story

The second volume of Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible turns a bit episodic but there is one overall theme that sticks: Valentine’s Day!

Shiraishi receives a treat in his desk but he doesn’t know who it’s for. Since he’s used to never being given anything, he just assumes that someone put it in his desk on accident. Kubo arrives and STRONGLY hints that it’s from her but Shiraishi is still clueless. When White Day rolls around, Shiraishi goes to the store to buy some madeleines to give to the girl who gave him the treat… only he doesn’t know who gave it to him.

He gives the cookies to Kubo since she STRONGLY HINTED she knew the girl, hoping she would pass it along. She then flat-out asks Shiraishi what he would think if the treat was from her. Like… anyone would be able to put two and two together at this point but Shiraishi simply thought that anyone would be happy to get a cookie from her.


Outside of Valentine’s/White Day, we get a cute chapter with Kubo trying her hardest to make the treat for Shiraishi. Later, Shiraishi bumps into Kubo’s sister Akina and cousin Saki. Her cousin is trying her best to look like Kubo and even gets Shiraishi to mention that if she grew her hair out, she would look as cute as Kubo! This earns Shiraishi a picture of Kubo in middle school that Akina gives him.

We also end our volume with a couple of extra chapters. I won’t spoil them… even if I have to refrain from whispering them into your ear underneath a desk at school!


Okay… so I know Shiraishi is supposed to be the invisible type but man is he denser than early-morning mountain fog. I feel as if Kubo could have told him “I am the one who gave you the cookie” and he still wouldn’t be able to figure it out. His stupidity does add another layer of comedy to the series though. They can’t just repeat the same gag of him being invisible forever. Maybe this is something that can spice up his character a bit more?

What is interesting is that Kubo had a little chat with a couple of her friends where they ask her who the cookies were for. When she confesses that she likes Shiraishi, they actually knew about him more than I thought they would. Rather than being confused about Shiraishi being in class, they know that he’s unremarkable in many areas including sports, looks, etc. If he’s so invisible, how would they know that? I thought that was a bit odd and I’m not really sure if that’s an oversight on the author’s part or if Shiraishi isn’t as invisible as he thinks he is? Could be an oops or it could be an interesting revelation!

Kubo, on the other hand, further cements her obvious crush on Shiraishi. With the way she acted in this chapter, you would think that a confession would be coming soon but I’m still doubtful. Kubo seems like the type who she is content with keeping her feelings one-sided until Shiraishi notices them on his own and makes the move. Given how dense he was in this volume, I really hope that Kubo has the patience of a saint.

Akina, on the other hand, is rooting for her and I think it’s awesome that she wants to see the two of them get together. Swapping RINE (lol) information with Shiraishi tells me that she’s going to end up meddling in their business some more. Because of what I just mentioned about Shiraishi, I can see these little steps adding up to Akina being the one who will bring them together. I can actually picture her cornering the two of them and laying it all out there. Kubo will probably get mad and run away while Shiraishi will still be lost on what’s happening!

Now we have another Kubo!! For someone who doesn’t say much, Saki is a cutie. Ah, the innocence of youth. I can’t see much use for this character other than a few “D’awww” moments here and there, though.

Final Thoughts

This was another enjoyable volume! Much like the first, there is a calm and serene nature about this. The comedy isn’t overblown, the reactions are not over the top, and I don’t get a sense of the characters reacting as if they are screaming at the top of their lungs like in most comedy manga. Things just seem so natural, the humor hits at an appropriate level, and there are really cute moments in here.

Shiraishi gets a new dimension to his character and even if it’s not a significant dimension, it does add some slight variety to it. Kubo’s crush is really cute and it makes you want to root for her but it almost makes it to where her teasing seems a bit… unneeded? I know it’s the established hook of this series but it’s probably because we are used to things like Uzaki-chan, Baddest Girl at School, and Nagatoro where the teasing is usually over the top. Here, Kubo’s teasing is more sweet and flirtatious than actual teasing.

It’s actually quite refreshing! Can’t wait to check out Volume 3 of this series which seems to be doing all of the right things with the right moderation!

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