Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Says Fans Helped Inspire The Game?

In most groups of media, there are often “disconnects” between those making the media, and those viewing/getting it. And for the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise…that’s very apparent. Many mainline Sonic games in recent years have been panned by fans as “not feeling like Sonic” and so the hopes for Sonic Frontiers (the upcoming title) is…mixed at best.

Enter the writer for Sonic Frontiers, Ian Flynn, who has wrote for the IDW comic line of Sonic and some animated series featuring the blue blur. And to him…the fans are everything:

“They’re a constant source of inspiration,” Flynn said to IGN. Their passion for the franchise is unquenchable, their creativity is boundless, and loyalty unshakable. It’s always thrilling and fulfilling when something I’ve contributed to gets embraced by the fandom. They serve as a constant reminder of where I came from, and why I enjoyed being part of the Sonic Series for so long. And they’ve steadily been joining the ranks of official contributors, helping to shape the future for the next generation, which is very exciting.”

A nice thing to say, but the fans have been asking Sonic Team for YEARS now to “do away with” the gimmicks and gags and “new twists” on the franchise and just go back to what works, Sonic running fast. And yet, as Sonic Frontiers shows…they’re not doing that.

We’ll see how “inspiring” the fans are…if the game isn’t what is promised.