Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Is Headed to Mac Later This Year

Revealed during Apple’s WWDC 2022 live event, Capcom’s Resident Evil Village is being ported to Mac. This is big news, as Apple has shown over the past year that its M1 processor line-up is definitely powerful. With the next evolution of that processor, the M2, being revealed, companies are taking notice, with Capcom being no exception.

Now, Capcom looks to be one of the first gaming studios to port over one of its biggest games to the silicon. During the WWDC 2022 live event, Capcom’s Masaru Ijuin, who heads up Capcom’s advanced technical research team, seems to be impressed with Apple’s hardware.

It would seem that Capcom has already been working with Apple and provided some impressive numbers. On the MacBook Air M2, RE Village will be playable at 1080p, while the Mac Studio would be able to support up to 4K. For a Mac PC, this is mighty impressive, given that Mac doesn’t get nearly as many games as its Windows PC counterpart. But as we’re seeing now, with the M1 and M2 processors, that may end up being a thing of the past.

That said, I’d love to see a full technical demo of Resident Evil Village running on both the M1 and M2 processors. If anything, just to see how it compares to current and past generation consoles and comparably equipped PCs.

Resident Evil VIillage on Mac

We’ve already reached out to Capcom to see if they can provide more information regarding the RE Village Mac port.

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