OW2 reveal

Overwatch 2 New Live Service Year Plan

Today was the Overwatch 2 reveal event and its plan for the future. They talked about it going Free to Play as well as expectations for the game moving forward. They clarified that PvP will be the focus until 2023 at least. I personally am not happy with this news but I know I am probably a part of the minority who liked actually playing the game and figuring out the lore so I was excited to see PvE being the focus when Overwatch 2 was first revealed.

We also get an extended look at Junker Queen who beat out the current Junker King for the throne at the Reckoning. Turns out she was forced to be a wastelander due to the Junker King and she wanted to put him in his place and take over Junkerton. She demonstrated some cool abilities with her knife with utilizing magnets. With it being a free to Play game now, the dev team is heavily focused on a Live Service updates and patches for making content a big thing for players.

OW2 F2P plan

For the recent future we got this time table. October 4 2022 is the official release of the game and will begin the season for Season 1. Three new heroes will also be released. Two of the confirmed ones are Sojourn and Junker Queen. With the third one teased as a new support hero that will be revealed closer to launch.

It was also revealed that a new tier of Skin will be released above the Legendary tier. The first one will be Genji’s and is said to be customizable in some way. It has not been revealed as to how but it will be interesting to see how these Mythic Skins look and how much of an improvement they can actually be over the Legendary tier. PvE content doesn’t begin until sometime 2023. Hopefully it isn’t too long into the year. That is what I was most excited about with this new game.