Marvel’s Midnight Suns – New Hero, Enemies and Release Date Announced

During the Summer Games’ Fest show, we got a sneak peek at another hero joining Doctor Strange’s his rag-tag group of heroes to help take down Lilith and her army of Hydra soldiers in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, currently in development by Firaxis Games.

We also got a sneak peek at some of Marvel’s more fearsome characters who have sided with Lilith in her conquest for world domination, whether they wanted to join up or not. Hint: It’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man is gonna join the team.

If you haven’t heard of Marvel’s Midnight Suns until now, Firaxis is putting a new spin on the superhero franchise. Players assume the role of “The Hunter,” an original and customizable hero who leads a rag-tag bunch of heroes through a series of deeply tactical battles required to defeat an army of darkness and save the world. The game features heroes such as Captain America, Robbie Reyes’ Ghostrider, Blade, and many more that can be customized to fit the player’s needs.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns currently have plans to release worldwide on October 7th, and this may come as a shock given the Friendly Neighborhood web slingers’ current address, but he is not exclusive to PlayStation this time around. That’s right, regardless of where you plan to play the game on, Spider-Man will be available on all platforms.

If you want some more proof, Xbox confirmed this as well on their twitter as well as shared a link to the game’s Legendary Edition. It also looks like there is one more unannounced hero as well, if that description is anything to go off.

Another thing we got to see in the trailer is who exactly Lilith is recruiting on her side. As you know, you can’t have Spider-Man without a rogue from his gallery showing up, and we see Lilith as she chases and subdues Venom. Venom isn’t shown much after that, but we do get to see Spider-Man’s fancy new demon-fighting suit.

However, at the very end of the trailer, Lilith dramatically struts toward the team, and the “Fallen” versions of Sabretooth, Scarlet Witch, Venom, and an incredibly Fallen Hulk join Lilith at her side. So, it’s safe to say the team is in for one heck of a fight.