Fanfare of Adolescence by Hiroyuki Sawano Out Now

Milan Records today releases FANFARE OF ADOLESCENCE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK by acclaimed Japanese composer HIROYUKI SAWANOAvailable everywhere now, the album features a captivating original score written by SAWANO for the new sports Anime series. The album is the latest release from the composer, following his noteworthy scores for Bubble, Attack on Titan and Promare. Produced by Aniplex and animation studio Lay-duce, directed by Makoto Katō, the first season of Fanfare of Adolescence is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Fanfare of Adolescence

Of the soundtrack, SAWANO says, “This was my first opportunity to be in charge of music for an anime work with a coming-of-age theme. I hope you enjoy the soundtrack as a whole as I was able to try out approaches to the sound with a fresh feeling, such as refreshing songs, emotional songs, and songs for everyday scenes.”

The jockey curriculum at the Horse Racing School… A school with incredibly difficult entrance requirements, where only one out of every ten to twenty applicants is accepted and students need not just book smarts, but also physical and athletic abilities. There, a boy who is a popular idol meets his real dream for the first time. A boy, who grew up on an island, dreams of spending his days racing with horses. A boy born in England is unsure of the path his parents have chosen for him, but still chooses to follow his dreams. This is a story about boys who come to the Horse Racing School to pursue their dream of becoming a jockey, and what awaits them in the three years they spend there. 



  1. Fanfare of Adolescence
  2. RUSH*
  3. WindWaveS
  4. 1A1a
  5. rideUMA
  6. group-BLUE
  7. Blue[3-6]
  8. c-RUSH
  9. K8school
  10. Roads to Ride*
  11. 1o-2oby
  12. RE-Fanfan
  13. <202204>
  14. J0ckey
  15. oushiTHE
  16. RUSH <verBand>*
  17. GF-PF1
  18. GF-PF2
  19. GF-PF3
  20. 4yuN
  22. Walk for Dream

Source: Press Release