F1 22 Review

F1 22 Review – As Always A Track Master

F1 22 is the first F1 game released by developer Codemasters since they were acquired by EA. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be wondering how would this impact the game? The answer is not much, and F1 22 is similar to last year’s entry, with some needed additions.

Game Name: F1 22
Platform(s): Xbox Series X/S (Reviewed), Xbox One, PS5/PS4, PC
Publisher(s): EA
Developer(s): Codemasters
Release Date: 28th June (Champions Edition), July 1st (Standard)

F1 22 (F1 2022) is the latest entry in the long-running series emulating F1 drivers, teams, and tracks to near perfection. Developer Codemasters has clearly taken the IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT approach this year. With many modes and features being almost identical to last year’s F1 2021.

F1 22 - About to take a turn

Player Control Wins

That’s right, most modes from last year’s 2021 make a return. From Solo or Co-op Driver only Career to my personal favourite My Team. For those unfamiliar with the latter, this mode puts players in control of their own team. As both the owner and driver, you will have to develop your car through research, all while winning on the track. This can also be done in online play with a friend the same as last year. The only small disappointment for me in regards to modes. F1 2021’s Breaking Point story mode was axed and doesn’t appear in F1 22. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but it was interesting and it would have been nice to see it built upon.

As for what’s new in F1 22, this comes in the form of Pirelli Hot Laps where you’ll take supercars through a series of challenges. Not too dissimilar to the license challenges in the Gran Turismo series. You’ll find yourself behind the wheel of cars like the McLaren 720s, Ferrari Roma, and more. This mode is a welcome distraction, especially as the cars feel so different on the track. Unfortunately, the reward of pit coins used to unlock cosmetics isn’t enough to make it worth the time. 

Now to the on-track experience, things remain largely the same here aside from of course the new rules and regulations for the latest F1 Season. Steering seemed a little bit more sensitive on the Controller. More than last year for sure but gameplay-wise that was the only real difference I noticed. In my book that is a great thing, because these games are near perfection when it comes to the gameplay. The best part, they let the player decide the type of experience they want. From something simulation-based with full car damage that affects how your F1 car performs, to a more arcade-style experience with no damage and a huge number of assists. These games strike the perfect balance between arcade and simulation by giving players so much control. I wish more games in the racing genre did this and I for one hope it never changes.

F1 22 - Setting up My Team

Presentation and Technical

When it comes to presentation, booting up the game you will be met with a UI mostly the same as F1 2021. There is one major change in the way menus are presented, the new F1 Life section. It functions as a hub for players achieves and car collections. Which can be fully customised and visited by other players. It’s an improvement to the standard menus of last year looking much better. Speaking of looking better, cars look amazing this year shinier than ever. Even in terms of car damage, you’ll see pieces of cars left on the track. A front wing, a tire, and signs of burning rubber on the tarmac.

This all depends on your specific settings of course, as car damage can be turned off. Oh, and in a typical track racer fashion, the track environments don’t look as good as the on-track stuff. Luckily, at the speeds you are traveling, you should never notice. One thing you will notice is the sound, it’s exceptional. The purring engines on the start line, to scrapping the wall as you attempt to navigate a corner. Everything sounds exactly as it should, I’d easily mistake it for the real thing.

All this is done while maintaining a rock-solid 60fps at what seems to be 4K on Series X. There is also a 120fps mode available to those who have access to a TV or monitor capable of utilizing VRR. Unfortunately, I don’t have such a setup soI wasn’t to take advantage of this. Not only does the game have top-class performance but I also haven’t experienced a single bug.


Now let’s talk about accessibility because at first glance the accessibility menu options may seem thin. It offers voice-to-text options and a Colourblind Mode for the racing line that helps you navigate the track. The game is actually much more accessible, with options for steering and braking assistance and more. It’s certainly not perfect and a few more options would be great. The assists can make it essentially a two-button game, which is more than can be said for some games.

F1 22 - Pirelli Hot Laps Targets


F1 22 is a game that aims for the perfect simulation of its real-world counterpart. Coming as close as we have ever seen in F1 to perfection. All while giving players one of the most individually customisable racing games on the market. A game that others should be looking to in terms of player control over the experience. All this results in a game that is perfect for die-hard F1 fans with the flexibility for those that aren’t fans to still enjoy with their F1 mad friends. I can’t wait to play more, especially with friends in co-op.

Review Disclosure Statement: F1 22 was provided to us by Publisher for review purposes. For more information on how we review video games and other media/technology, please go review our Review Guideline/Scoring Policy for more info.

F1 22 Review - As Always A Track Master

F1 22 Review - As Always A Track Master

F1 22 is about as close ask you get to an accurate simulation of a real-world sport. It manages to do this while continuing to offer an unprecedented level of customisation of the player experience. A game that others should be looking to emulate in terms of player control.


  • Flawless Performance
  • Deep Simulation 
  • Perfect Sound
  • Control over the experience you want with the game


  • No more Story Mode
  • Not much new or exciting for this year
  • F1 22 Review - As Always A Track Master