Magneto Vs Tetsuo

Death Battle Puts Evolution To The Test With Magneto Vs Tetsuo!

As Death Battle Season 9 has gone on, we’ve seen more and more diverse franchises enter the arena for the first time.

Just two weeks ago we saw Invincible and The Boys make their debut, and today, with Magneto Vs Tetsuo, Akira has finally made its presence known. This is a true fight of “Homo Superior” as both of these characters have “transcended” the bonds of humanity to become basically gods, but in Death Battle, only one can stand at the end.

This 2D fight is absolutely one to check out, especially for very detailed breakdowns of all of their abilities and what their capabilities truly are. So check out the fight of Magneto Vs Tetsuo below, and be sure to stay tuned to who is coming next…because we guarantee you…you won’t guess it.