The A-01 Podcast #65 – Fake Love x Not Your Waifu

We are back once again with another monthly dose of anime weebness… it’s The A-01 Podcast! We aim to, once again, rustle some jimmies, make you slightly vexed, and question your own fandom! So, we recommend that you sit back, relax, and don’t pucker up too much as we take on another magical ride through the portal… except you won’t end up in an isekai with overpowered stats.


J.J. Piedra
Matthew Paul
William Kok


  • V-Tuber Corner
  • Spy x Family is Being Artificially Overhyped
  • Shikimori is not your new waifu
  • Spring Anime Season Thoughts
  • HoYoverse teases new Zenless Zone Zero game
  • Recommendations for the Month