Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

New Trailer For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Drops Tomorrow!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were revealed earlier this year at Pokemon Day, and needless to say, it shocked many fans of the series. As this game seems to be wanting to expand upon what Pokemon Legends Arceus did not just in terms of visuals, but the open-world feel of the title. We also learned of the three Gen 9 starters via The Leafy Cat Sprigatito.The Fire Croc Fuecoco, and the Water Duckling Quaxly. But aside from that…? We don’t know much.

However! That WILL CHANGE tomorrow! Why? Because tomorrow we’ll be getting a new trailer with information about the games! Check out the Pokemon Twitter post below:

Yep, we’ll be sure to let you know what info is dropped about Scarlet and Violet. In the meantime, check out the reveal trailer from February to get hyped for what’s coming!