Manga Review: Fly Me to the Moon Vol. 11

Fly Me to the MoonTitle: Fly Me to the Moon Vol. 11
Author: Kenjiro Hata
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy
Publication Date: May 3, 2022

The Story

Here in Volume 11 of Fly Me to the Moon, the camping trip continues but rather than go the comedic route, things take a bit of a series, yet, sweet turn. Although… I would say that you would have to suspend your disbelief as things just appear out of nowhere like… fireworks… and a tent that has a king-size bed in it… and things of that sort. Still, the central theme around this part of the camping trip is marriage and what it means to be married.

Kaname and Tokiko worked together to throw Nasa and Tsukasa a reception for the wedding they never had… complete with a video and a massive LED screen (again… WHERE DID THEY GET THAT!?). Afterward, Tokiko pulls Nasa aside to have a serious talk with him. Convinced that he’s the one for Tsukasa, they spend their reception night in that luxurious tent (which you get to see what happens in there during the bonus chapter, giggity).

Tokiko ends up gifting Nasa something… something that he attempts to study when they get home but a couple of things get in the way. First off, their new apartment building is almost ready and so they will be moving out in two more weeks. Preparations must be made for the move so they deal with that. Then, right in the middle of it all, Yanagi comes to Nasa for help. She’s asked to teach a programming class but doesn’t know anything about it so she asks Nasa to volunteer to help her out. He ends up doing so but he winds up teaching at an all-girls school… and they’re only 2 years younger than he is!

Mischief is afoot here as we get introduced to quite a few characters… especially one with a very peculiar name that ties into the beginning of the series!


Even though not really much has changed, Nasa and Tsukasa did get to spend some time as a couple during the camping trip and there were some pretty tender moments… and one particular moment that I’m not going to talk about because it turned a bit serious and philosophical which might be foreshadowing for something I really really REALLY hope doesn’t happen. This series is way too light-hearted and cute for something like that so I hope it was just deep thinking and not foreshadowing!

Tokiko took a different turn in this volume. Typically, she’s just the prying grandmother who is trying to oversee Nasa and Tsukasa’s marriage but she was quite serious in the volume which also makes me wonder about what Tsukasa said. In addition, she also referenced the beginning of the series… more specifically… a certain name who just so happened to pop up as a character at the end of the book. It would be kind of odd for a slice-of-life romance series to take a bit of a supernatural turn but… hey… it would be a twist, wouldn’t it?

Outside of that, we did get our new cast of characters with a few of the girls in the class Nasa is teaching but outside of them just being typical 16-year-old girls who love to gossip and need to know everything, there really isn’t anything special about them… yet.

Final Thoughts

I feel like a broken record by saying this has become my bi-monthly dose of sugar to read… but that’s just the nature of this series. Although, I did appreciate some of the more serious tones in this volume. It was still heartwarming to see some of the events unfold and again, Kenjiro Hata teases at some of the backstory at Tsukasa without really saying much. Usually, I hate being strung along but that’s because a lot of the time, the delay seems forced. Here, it’s kept interesting and it doesn’t really make you feel frustrated. It almost feels like an uncovered treasure whenever you get something. Just the day-to-day antics of the characters are enough to satisfy your entertainment needs with this series so whenever we get those little snippets or hints of backstory, it feels all the more special.

One thing I have to say… is I still LOVE the 4th wall getting broken by Hata himself. Especially when Tsukasa geeks out over all of the old-school video games she needs to play before moving out. I also love Hata flat-out mentioned that they didn’t get the license to show “Fi Fan 7” so we had to use our imaginations. Also, later on, one of the girls Nasa teaches came to him for romance advice because her boyfriend is in love with Tifa from “Fi Fan 7” more than her. Just continuing on that little gag was amazing and as a gamer and a huge “Fi Fan” fan, I loved it!

11 volumes in and I can’t stop singing this manga’s praises. If you’re not reading by now, then you have no soul! Go read it!

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