Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Review

Blue Lions Get The Spotlight In Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Trailer

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is one of two main games that are set to drop on the Nintendo Switch in June (the other being Mario Strikers Battle League). And very much like Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, Three Hopes is taking inspiration from a game, and then molding it into its own story. In this case, you won’t be taking on the role of Byleth, but another character who is apparently on a path to destroy them! Fun.

Also like in Three Houses, you’ll get to team up with one of the three kingdoms of Fodlan and set upon a path is unique for each one. This brings us to the new trailer, which showcases the familiar faces of the Blue Lions, aka, the crew from the Holy Kingdom Of Faerghus. All your favorites are here and have their own unique playstyles. So check it out below, and be sure to get Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes when it arrives on June 24th!