Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Nintendo Details Key Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Game Mechanic!

Nintendo dropped a bombshell yesterday when they revealed that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was coming out much sooner than expected. As it’s now with a July release date instead of September. But, the trailer that was dropped also showed a much more expansive look at the story, world, and gameplay mechanics of the title. With one very key feature standing out. Mainly, the characters have the ability to fuse together to create special beings to fight in battles.

Today, Nintendo on their Twitter revealed that this is known as Ouroboros. As you can see below, each Ouroboros has a different look and feel, and the “Interlinking” between the party members is part of this difference. Also, the “Interlinking” will allow the creations to have special powers and abilities in battle. But, the catch as it were is that the longer you use the Ouroboros form, the quicker it will “overheat”. Ensuring that this mechanic cannot be abused.

This addition, plus the other gameplay mechanics that were shown in the trailer, shows that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is going to be a very deep combat experience that players will likely enjoy mastering.