Fixture Gaming Switch OLED S2

Fixture Gaming Reveals Its Updated Switch OLED Controller Mount

Fixture Gaming has revealed an updated controller mount for the Nintendo Switch OLED.

While Fixture Gaming already has the S1 mount available for the Nintendo Switch, that enables the ability to house both the Switch and a Switch Pro controller. Today, the company revealed it is working on an updated one for the Nintendo Switch OLED model. As you may have noticed, the Nintendo Switch OLED housing is slightly larger than the original Switch.

Fixture Gaming Switch OLED S2

This means that prior accessories may or may not work, and in this instance, the Fixture Gaming S1 mount won’t fix. The newly revealed mount, Dubbed the S2, this updated model will allow gamers to take their Nintendo Switch OLED, pair it with the Nintendo Switch Pro and enjoy a better on-the-go experience. 

The Fixture Gaming S2 mount has a release window of 2022. However, this device will also appear at PAX East 2022. We’ve already booked our appointment to check out the device and will let you know what we think of it.

Fixture Gaming Switch OLED S2-01

You can still purchase the Fixture Gaming S1 controller mount for those who are still rocking the original Nintendo Switch. It’s available directly from the Fixture Gaming website or on Amazon. It seems to be an device for those who love gaming on the go but aren’t fans of the Joy-Con controllers, like me.

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of the Joy-Cons, and I refuse to use them unless I have to. With the S1 controller mount and soon the S2, I won’t have to use those Joy-Cons anymore. I’ve already ordered the S1, so I can have to play while I’m hanging out at PAX East 2022.