The A-01 Podcast #63 – Welcome to the Crunchy-Fun Future

We are back once again with another edition of the A-o1 Podcast and unlike the last few episodes, we actually have a lot of stuff to talk about because… well… things happened! Join J.J., Matt, and Will on another weebtastic adventure as we deal with the worlds of probate, beneficiaries, and goblins. Not particularly in that order or anything. Also, in an effort to get them to sponsor us, crack open a cold Liquid Death and use it to enjoy the show!


J.J. Piedra
Matthew Paul
William Kok


  • V-Tuber Corner
  • Funimation Becomes Crunchyroll
  • Netflix’s The Orbital Children
  • Spring Anime Season shows we’re looking forward to
  • Platinum End manga audio review
  • Recommendations