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Nintendo Switch OLED Survives 3600 Hours Without Burn-In

When it comes to your electronic devices, you want them to last a really, REALLY long time, no exceptions. And when it comes to screens, you don’t want them damaged so soon after you got them. Enter the Nintendo Switch OLED, which many people have noted might be problematic due to the fact that OLED screens sometimes have what is known as ‘burn-in’, which is when an image gets stuck on the screen after a certain amount of time.

So, someone decided to test out how long it would take for that to happen to the Nintendo Switch OLED. The answer 3600 hours!!!!! That’s a LONG time of playing, and that was just them having one image on the screen, and the burn-in wasn’t even that bad. So if you get the OLED, you’re going to be fine.