Masahiro Sakurai, Super Smash Bros

Masahiro Sakurai Is Working On A New Nintendo Game

One of the things that Nintendo fans really like about the company is that they have certain figureheads that we can look to in order for great 1st party titles to be born. And one of them without a doubt is Masahiro Sakurai. He’s the man who has made Super Smash Bros so grand over the years that we are eternally in his debt. But, after the arrival of Sora, Sakurai noted that he needed to rest before doing his next project.

Well, in getting an award by Famitsu for “Most Valuable Creator”, he admitted that while he has been “quiet” lately, he is indeed working on a new game.

Naturally, he didn’t admit what that was, but that won’t stop gamers from speculating. Many might honestly hope that it’s not the sequel to Ultimate because not only is it too soon, he deserves a break from that franchise as he himself has noted in the past. But also, we know he has connections to Kid Icarus, which many have wanted to see on the Nintendo Switch. No matter what though, in Masahiro Sakurai we trust.