King of Fighters XV

Where is Our King of Fighters XV Review?

Well, today is the day that you may have hoped that we would have our review of King of Fighters XV, up. However, we only recently received the game code for review (and we’re grateful for that) and it wouldn’t be fair to either our audience or us if we rushed through the review. That said, you can expect our video review of King of Fighters XV to be released later this weekend. 

We apologize for the delay, but you know how we do stuff here. We don’t rush our reviews or previews, and those can take time. However, to make up for the delay, we do have several videos prepared for your viewing pleasure. We have ten matches of various characters duking it out, over on our YouTube channel. Or you can check them out below. Then check back next week for our King of Fighters XV review.

King of Fighters XV releases for PS4, PS5, and PC on February 17, 2022.