Steam Deck

The Steam Deck Embargo is Over and Here Comes The Good Stuff

The embargo that restricted content creators from talking more in-depth about Valve’s Steam Deck has ended and the floodgates have been opened. While we were lucky enough to get access to the Steam Deck, though we do have one preordered, several videos from Gamers Nexus, Linus Tech Tips, and The Phawx have been released.

In these videos, we’re able to see not only several games in action, but also benchmarks, power consumption, thermals, battery life, and much more. Basically, the questions that you may have had about the Steam Deck, have likely been answered.

So, if you were only of many who dropped down $5 to preorder the Steam Deck but have been on the fence about finalizing that order. You may want to give these videos a watch, as I feel that they all address something. Of course, if you want a cliff notes version of the videos, fine. Here you go:

  • Battery life is a concern. Looking at 4-5 hours of power, but that varies depending on the games played.
  • Gaming performance is where many expected it to be.
  • Fan noise is problematic, but Valve is working on an update.
  • Some concerns over smaller hands and button placement.
  • The device is much larger than anticipated.
  • The speakers are impressive – Linus seems to love them.
  • Rumble and haptics are concerning, but Valve has said they will address this.
  • The screen isn’t as impressive as hoped. Is not an OLED.

After watching all three videos, I’m a bit more confident on spending that $500+ for a Steam Deck. If you have a preorder and have been thinking about giving it up, I do recommend giving these videos a watch.

Also, a bonus video of Linus unboxing the Steam Deck has been provided as well.

Valve is currently sending out Steam Decks to those lucky folks who managed to get in early preorders. While the Steam Deck has not been delayed, it will take longer than expected for everyone who preordered one to receive them. In my case, while I was able to get a preorder in during July 2021, it states I won’t see mine until Q2 2022. Meaning, I’ll see it (hopefully) between April – June 2022. And here I was hoping I’d have it, so I could take it to PAX East 2022.