Pokemon Presents, Pokemon Day, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Presents Recap – New Updates, New Gen!

A lot of questions were asked by fans into the Pokemon Presents that was done on this very special Pokemon Day. Mainly because…we didn’t know what to expect…at all. Some said that nothing but recaps would happen, some expected DLC for Pokemon Legends Arceus, others expected a Gen 9 Reveal, and so on. So what exactly did happen? A little bit of everything.

For example, Pokemon GO was revealed to be getting Alola Pokemon in bulk on March 1st. Pokemon Masters EX is bringing in a new feature called Victory Road which will grant you access to new Sync Pairs as well as LOTS of gems if you complete it. Pokemon Unite has some Pokemon Day specials you’ll want to check out, including being able to try out the newest Pokemon in the game via Hoopa in a special trial license run, as well as Duraladon coming soon to the game!

Heck, even Pokemon Cafe Remix got some news, as well as a new update for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl where you’ll be able to catch Shaymin in the game! As if that’s not enough, today, a special update for Pokemon Legends Arceus is coming out for free. It’s called “Daybreak”, and you’ll get a new mission to investigate mysterious outbreaks of Pokemon, including ones that were either rare, or impossible to find in the wild.

But of course, the big reveal was at the end in this Pokemon Presents, where Pokemon Violet and Scarlet were announced. The website for the game teases many things, including an open-world setting like Arceus where Pokemon are everywhere and you can explore at your leisure. The game is set to arrive in “late 2022”, and if so, the Switch is truly going to have a magnificent year from start to finish. Or in this case, from Arceus to Scarlet/Violet.