Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports Online Beta Test Registration Now Open

When Wii Sports launched with the Nintendo Wii well over 15 years ago, it helped bring people in and told them that this was going to be a fun console to play. Fast forward to 2022, and the newest Nintendo console is trying to bank off of that. For as last weeks’ Nintendo Direct revealed, Nintendo Switch Sports is coming out in April, and it aims to do what the previous titles did, but better. What’s more, they’re using a beta to get the online portions sorted out.

That beta is available to get signed up for right now. To get registered, go to your My Nintendo Account and redeem the free points to get access to the beta code. The test itself will go from the 18th-20th, and will help Nintendo ensure that the play is good enough for what’s to come with more than likely millions playing it.

Nintendo Switch Sports launches in full on April 29th.