Lucas Mother 3

Mother 3 Producer Stands With Fans In Wanting English Translation

In the gaming world, there are certain “Jokes” that are said by those in the know. Like how the Kingdom Hearts plotlines are impossible to follow, JRPGs are always going to have spiky-haired men and questionably dressed women, Day 1 patches are inevitable, and for Nintendo fans…we’re never going to get Mother 3 translated. Which is a shame because Earthbound (Mother’s title in the US and beyond) is one of the most beloved RPGs of all time. What’s more, Mother/Earthbound characters Ness and Lucas are in the Super Smash Bros franchise as playable characters.

So what reason does Nintendo have to not bring over Mother 3? We honestly don’t know, and now, in an interview with Nintendo Everything, Producer Shinichi Kameoka said that he wants just as badly as fans for the game to come to the rest of the world. Noting that he would:

“Also love to see Mother 3 released in the US and Europe.” He added: “As a lover of games, I will continue to wait for Mother 3’s release worldwide release (in English).”

So yeah…he wants it too. And there are many fans who believe we are SO CLOSE to getting it. Why? Because at the most recent Nintendo Direct, Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings were added to the Nintendo Switch Online service as free titles to play. Why add those if a certain other title isn’t far behind?