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Monster Hunter Rise Programmer Talks Making RE Engine Work For Switch

There were many big game releases of 2021, and one of the biggest ones by far was that of Monster Hunter Rise. It was one of the earlier titles of the year, but also, one of the best-selling throughout the year. And in a special report about 2021, one of the Capcom programmers behind the game talked about bringing it to life on the Switch.

More specifically, programmer Kotaro Miyabe discussed the process of using the RE Engine to bring the title to Switch in a way that would not just work, but make Monster Hunter Rise a truly quality title both online and off.

“The decision was made to develop MHRise using RE Engine, and I participated on the title’s development team as an RE Engine engineer. I connected the creators with the technical department in charge of engine development, and our mission was to achieve both stable performance on the Nintendo Switch and the highest quality possible. I was mainly in charge of selecting and implementing graphics technology and optimizing the overall performance of the game. It was a real challenge to make online cooperative play among a maximum of four players, four Buddies, three large monsters, and numerous smaller monsters and environmental creatures all operate on a seamless locale. On top of that, we devised ways to leverage the hardware to its limits in order to provide a satisfying game experience with beautiful visuals and short loading times. It was my great honor as an engineer, to be able to focus on the seemingly unexciting aspects that underpin this game.”