Metroid Dread Review

Metroid Dread, WarioWare Get It Together and Big Brain Academy Join Million-Sellers List

When it comes to success in the gaming industry, there are two metrics that gamers and critics love to cite. The first is hardware sales, and then software sales. Nintendo today revealed that their hardware sales for the Nintendo Switch are off the charts. But how about the software sales? Well, if the numbers for Metroid Dread, WarioWare Get It Together and others are gazed upon…you’ll see that they’re doing pretty well.

There have been a lot of teases for how well Metroid Dread has been doing, but in the newest financial data from Nintendo, Dread has been revealed to be at 2.74 million units sold. This is very significant because according to other reports, it’s only about 100K away from beating the all-time Metroid sales record set by Metroid Prime. Thus meaning…it’s about to be the top of the franchise.

Elsewhere, WarioWare Get It Together crossed the one million mark at last, and December’s Big Brain Academy Brain vs. Brain also entered the million-sellers club.

Other noteworthy tidbits from the sales data include Pokemon Sword/Shield becoming the 2nd-best-selling Pokemon titles EVER, Luigi’s Mansion 3 crossing 11 million units sold, and Animal Crossing New Horizons has crossed 10 million units sold in Japan…making it the best-selling console game in Japan…ever.