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Job Listing States Detective Pikachu 2 Still In Development

One of the most beautiful things about the Pokemon franchise as a whole is that it’s never afraid to go weird and wild to expand its own reach. They’ve made puzzle games with them, deep RPGs with them, they’ve even put them in Tamagachis over the years. But arguably one of the weirdest things they’ve done is with turning their beloved mascot in Pikachu into a detective. It not only became a game, but a hit movie, and people want more. Which is why people have been asking…where is Detective Pikachu 2?

If you recall, during a press conference in Japan, The Pokemon Company announced back in 2019 that Detective Pikachu 2 was indeed on the way to the Nintendo Switch. The catch of course is that this was before COVID hurt things, and thus, we haven’t heard from the game since.

However, eagle-eyed people have found out that the makers of the game, Creatures, have a job listing up stating that the game is still in development. Granted, we don’t know WHEN it’ll arrive on Switch, but at least it’s in the works.

What’s more, The Pokemon Company is doing a string of announcements leading up to Pokemon Day, so perhaps we’ll see a coffee-drinking Pikachu there…