Brandon Yates, Cosmic Collapse

Death Battle’s Brandon Yates Releases Intense New Music Video

The mind of a creator is always a curious thing to explore, regardless of whether that creator makes visual art, music, writes stories, makes cosplays or something in between. It’s a testament to their creative skill when they push what their creations can be in order to transcend what they’re known for. This brings us to creator Brandon Yates, whom you might know for his incredible tracks for Death Battle. Though that is what he is attached to the most, he is constantly making his own music tracks and putting his own spin on what they can be both in terms of sound, and visuals. And now, he has released his grandest project yet via a music video to his track “Cosmic Collapse”.

As you watch this music video, you’ll see that Brandon Yates and the animation team that helped him make it pushed the visual limits of what it could be. And true to form, he wanted it to be more than “just a video to a song”:

“It’s both a standalone allegory for being a content creator trapped in a virtual environment – put on a pedestal but trapped in place and trying to break out of the niche you’ve been trapped in, finding yourself in a factory of creators just like you, and then being attacked by the algorithm for daring to break from your designated “role” (and the fantasy fulfillment of actually overcoming that)”

He also hints that this could be the beginning of a series of videos. So check out “Cosmic Collapse” below, and spread the word!