Valve's Steam Deck

Steam Deck Dynamic Cloud Sync Is Valve’s Answer To Quick Resume

I’m sure most of our readers are aware of Steam’s attempt to enter the handheld PC market, with its Steam Deck. Yes, I can’t wait for mine to get here either. Before that gets here, Valvesoftware has announced its plans for making sure your game saves will sync between the Steam Deck and PC, with Steam Deck Dynamic Cloud Sync.

Just like it sounds like, Steam Deck Dynamic Cloud Sync will ensure that your game saves will be synced. Regardless of where you play. Plan on taking your Steam Deck with you on the go or just enjoying a game in your living room? Then following up that session by restarting that game on the PC? Not a problem with Steam Deck Dynamic Cloud Sync. Ironically, I didn’t think of something that I feel many of us would have assumed was a thing.

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Thankfully, Valve has been thinking about this specific solution. The nice thing about this is that as soon as the Steam Deck is about to be put to sleep, the system will automatically upload its current game save to the cloud. Assuming there’s a connection, that is. Then gamers will be able to pick up where they left off on their PC or resume it on the Steam Deck.

It all sounds lovely. However, there is a downside to this. While Steam Deck Dynamic Cloud Sync is a nice feature, it needs to be implemented by game developers. Meaning the developers will need to enable this feature via Steamworks, and adding a few API calls. Valve has provided a handle “how-to” to get this added.

As for the Steam Deck, Valve has assured us that the devices will be delivered on time. The first batch of Steam Decks should be heading out the door next month. Sadly, it doesn’t look like I’ll get my Steam Deck until Q2 2022. Oh well, at least I can sleep at night knowing my games will have the ability to sync between my PC gaming on the go and at home. Well, hopefully anyway.