Rathalos Armor X Joins Mega Man X DiVE During Monster Hunter Rise Crossover

Mega Man X DiVE’s crossover event with Monster Hunter Rise continues and this week, a special Rathalos Armor X character is up for grabs in the gacha banner!

Rathalos Armor X

Rathalos Armor X features the following abilities:

True Charged Slash: A powerful downward slash that deals damage to targets in range. The first hit deals damage equal to X% of your attack and the second hit deals 2 times the damage (the second hit is scalable). When using the Trush Charged Slash, damage you take is reduced by 75% (also scalable.)

Rathalos Fire Breath: Launch a fireball that deals X% attack damage. This attack can by followed with a fire slash that ignores terrain and damages targets in its path.

Nebula Joy put out a preview video in a tweet of the character in action that you can check out below:

In addition, Master Utshshi’s Challenge continues by offering more ways to get Kamura which you can trade in at the stop for EM Crystals and Monster Hunter Rise-specific cards! Here’s what’s up for grabs!

Monster Hunter Rise

Source: Official Mega Man X DiVE Twitter